3Z RF Aligner – Antenna Alignment Tool (Discontinued)

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The 3Z RF Aligner is the most compact GPS Antenna Alignment Tool in the industry. It incorporates GPS technology to calculate precise Azimuth, Tilt, Roll and AGL measurements for a multitude of directional antenna systems. Our universal antenna mounting system is used for quick antenna attachment and release. The 3Z RF Aligner is user friendly and easy to transport up any tower. Save all your antenna installation measurements for record keeping and reporting; easily accessible over USB.

Out of stock


• Tool is the smallest and has the lightest weight of its kind
• Only tool with built-in touch screen/color LCD display
• Measures azimuth, tilt, roll and AGL all in one step
• Designed to handle both panel antennas and point — to — point microwave systems.
• Calculates the direction of the Antenna within 0.75 degrees RMS.
• Records field measurements instantly
• Built-in report and file explorer
• Consistent and accurate reading. “Doing it right the first time” with no “go-backs”
• No external software is required. User simply extracts pre-formatted reports via USB in seconds.
• Universal antenna clamp fits 99% of panel antennas

3Z RF Aligner Kit includes: Carrying case, soft padded bag, universal antenna clamp, monopod and charger.