This pair of straps іѕ specifically dеѕіgnеd tо work wіth the Strар Clаmр and will fit antennas of up to 10’ in diameter.
The Strap Clamp includes standard webbing to fit antennas of up to 2.5’ diameter. Additional sizes to fit antennas up to 6’ in diameter or 12’ in diameter are also available. Strap Clamp sold separately.

The Problem We Solve

In a multi-technology environment, sites can have both panel antennas and microwave dishes in different shapes and/or sizes. This causes the Tower Technicians the need to carry several clamp accessories to properly complete antenna alignment under all scenarios.

How We Solve It!

With the 10’ Diameter Webbing Straps, the Tower Technician will be able to use the Strap Clamp for a variety of antennas of up to 10’ in diameter.