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Fiber Installer Kit

The Fiber Installer Kit provides everything you need to test, inspect and clean optic fiber and connectors while installing a wireless network. With the P5000i digital fiber microscope, OLTS-85 optical loss test set, and Visual Fault Locator, technicians can easily conduct all fiber tests and reports required for a successful network installation. Complement this kit with a wireless FiberChek Probe for easy inspection at the top of the tower.


  • Measure length and optical loss (two fibers, two wavelengths)

  • Ensure correct polarity

  • Inspect fiber end faces

  • Guarantee endface condition with certification reports

  • Capture, analyze, and grade fiber end face images and obtain PASS/FAIL result according to pre-configured criteria setting

  • Standardize fiber inspection, analysis, and grading process throughout fiber network

Why is fiber inspection important during cell site installation?

During the installation of wireless networks, fiber connectors play a critical role. They give you the power to add, drop, move, and change the network. Connector contamination is one of the greatest causes of network failure. A single particle mated into the core of a fiber can cause significant back reflection, insertion loss and even equipment damage. Connectors and ports on test equipment are mated frequently and are highly likely to become contaminated. Once contaminated, this equipment will often cross-contaminate the network connectors and ports being tested. Similarly, physical stress or excessive bending may cause power loss or reflection, which can also lead to network failure.

Save Time & Money with the Fiber Installer Kit

Inspecting both sides of the connection is the only way to ensure that it will be free of contamination and defects. The Fiber Installer Kit provides everything you need to inspect and clean optic fiber and connectors while installing a wireless network. To check connectors at the bottom of the tower, the P5000i USB fiber inspection probe makes it fast and easy to certify that every connection in your network is clean and optimized, providing reliable and objective PASS/FAIL analysis. The quad optical loss test set combines a light source and power meter in one single device, making it the fastest and easiest solution for tier 1 fiber certification.  Measure optical insertion loss for both directions and generate certification reports with one tool. The FiberChek probe* is an all-in-one handheld, ideal for top hand technicians at every skill level. Meeting all fiber inspection needs with built-in image viewing, auto-focus, pass/fail analysis, and result storage and recall, the FiberChek probe completely automates inspection workflows to ensure fast and accurate performance.

*Note: FiberChek Probe sold separately.


What Comes in the Kit

1 – OLTS-85 Quad Optical Loss Test Set. Includes: PS4 Power Supply, Rechargeable Battery Pack, USB Cable USB-A to Micro-USB, WiFi SW-option, Bluetooth SW-option, Quick Start Manual. otls85-slide
1 – FBP-P5000I Digital Probe. Includes: Universal Patchcord Tip 2.5mm for ST,FC & SC, Tip SC Bulkhead for FBP, Tip LC Bulkhead for FBP, Tip Universal 1.25mm Patch Cord for FBP p5000i_0
1 – Visual Fault Locator Pocket Size with 2.5mm and 1.25mm adapters FFL-050
1 – Cleaning Tool 1.25mm
1 – Cleaning Tool 2.5mm
1 – Fiber loopback LC SM UPC
1 – Hard Case
* Note: FiberChek Probe sold separately:
Includes: FiberChek Autofocus Microscope WiFi Bluetooth. Universal Patchcord Tip 2.5mm for ST,FC & SC, Small Tip Case, Tip LC Bulkhead for FBP, Tip Universal 1.25mm Patch Cord for FBP, Single USB Output AC Input Charger With US EU UK AU Adapters, USB A Male to USB Micro B Male 1.0M, QuickStart Guide For FiberChekPRO & FiberChek, Holster.
FiberChek probe-left-side